Our Board of Directors

Westgate Little League
Board of Directors 

President Erika Morales

Vice-President Gilbert Gallegos 

Secretary June Gonzalez 

Treasure Suzanne Vigil 

League Safety Officer James Vigil

Player Agent for Baseball James Vigil   

Player Agent for Softball Maria Ronquillo   

Equipment Manager Anthony Gutierrez 

Chief Umpire Gilbert Gallegos

League Coaching Coordinator Irene Caramillo  & David Morales

Information Officer  Amanda Romero

League Sponsorship/Fundraising Manager Rebecca Hernandez

League Marketing/PR Manager Rebecca Hernandez 

Field Managers Antonio Garcia & Virgil Romero 


Local Sponsors

Westgate Little League- District 9

New Field- T-ball Rookies Minors and Major Fields, 700 86th St SW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87121

Phone: 505-321-3796

Email: [email protected]